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Available Electric Garage Door Openers

10/29/2013 Back To Blog

There are several dozen garage door openers available on the market today. Some are of the do-it-yourself variety, but many others require professional, expert installation. A qualified installer also does repairs to both the motor and the door remote control. Here are a few of the more popular brands in California:


Genie has been around for decades, and this company is considered one of the frontrunners in innovation. Many installation technicians recommend this product for its long life and ease of use.

Sears Craftsman

Backed by a company known for its tools and appliances, Sears Craftsman electric garage door openers have a stellar reputation with installation companies and consumers. Sears has its own subcontracted installers to do installations. They also offer do-it-yourself kits for the super-handyman.


Allstar offer a full line of residential and commercial doors, including glass garage doors, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, wood, and vinyl. Allstar doors are installed by independent contractors. They have no do-it-yourself models available to the public. Allstar also offers fine commercial doors for business applications.


This company has been in business for many years. They offer a full line of openers for every application. The range of components and remotes are extensive, and parts are available for most small motors for single stall, lightweight doors. They are also offered in heavy-duty models for large, multi-car, and/or heavy garage doors. Installation is handled by garage door service providers and some independent contractors.


At one time, Stanley Works made their own automatic garage door openers, and if you happen to have one installed in your garage, you have a piece of history. Many of them are decade’s old and still function properly. Doors and components made by Stanley are now sold by Sears Craftsman. They are serviced by Sears' subcontractors and other independent contractors.

These are just five of the many brands available. Consumer research into the proper automatic door opener for their application is necessary, before deciding on a brand to use on your garage door. Your choice can be determined by style, finish, durability and cost.  You will want to ensure that whichever style or finish you choose suits your home.  Some brands come with guarantees and limited or lifetime warranties for certain components.  Finally, you will want to be sure your chosen door assembly is within budget so that you can purchase the best door that you can afford.

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