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Welcome to our page of garage door repair FAQs. Here you will get accurate and appropriate information.

Should I replace both springs on the garage door?

If you have had one spring become broken or worn, Garage Door Repair Woodland would recommend that you have both springs replaced at the same time. There is usually no way to judge the remaining lifespan of the other spring and both springs have been placed in similar levels of stress. You would expect that the remaining spring will need to be replaced in the near future anyway. You may also find that the garage door will be difficult to balance when only one spring is new.

The cable on our garage door looks frayed, should I replace it?

There may not be a need for immediate replacement if the fraying is not particularly significant. However, you should be aware that the cable will continue to become worn and deteriorate. If there is bad fraying of the cable, there is the potential danger that it may break suddenly. Garage Door Repair Woodland suggests that any worn or damaged components should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent the development of further issues.

I insulated my garage door, should I have the rest insulated too?

Our Woodland professionals believe that so long as you have the means to insulate the entire garage, then you should do so. The better insulated your garage is, the easier it is to perform garage door maintenance. You will definitely be saving money in the long run.

My garage door is stuck. Can I repair it myself or should I get help?

There are many reasons as to why a garage door can get stuck, from defect in the rollers and springs, to problems with the controls. While some of it can be repaired on your own, it is best to leave it to the experts at garage door repair Woodland.

Can an opener be operated via the internet?

Many units offer this option. Both new and some older openers can be paired with a special device to connect them to the internet. Then the user has to download an app for controlling the operator remotely. Our experts in Woodland explain that some of the newest openers have Wi-Fi connectivity and do not require an additional device to be operated via the internet.

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