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The people who know what they are doing offer tips for garage door repair. Find them here.

Get modern openers

New garage door openers come with great technical features and have tremendous capacities. You also have the chance to add supplementary accessories that can help you deal with power failures and you can operate the system from a distance or turn on the garage lights before you get home.

Use soap or detergent when cleaning

Cleaning your garage door by spraying it with water may not be enough to thoroughly clean it. According to our experts, dirt buildup on the surface can cause microscopic scratches on the paint or on the metal or wood itself. Use a household detergent or washing soap and scrub the dirt off your garage door before rinsing it with water.

Choosing a garage door company

Learn about the company’s history to know how established they are. Check the different kinds of services they offer. Visit their websites and read up customer’s testimonials. Know if they are excellent in customer service by giving them a call and listen to what they have to say.

Keep the remote control and/or operator out of a child’s reach

If you have kids at home, they should not have access to the remote control. If the garage door operates with a wall control, the switch should be high enough so that they can’t reach it. Remind them that the garage is not a place to play.

Observe the door’s metal tracks

Sometimes, a broken garage door is the result of broken mounting tracks that hold the door together. Garage Door Repair Woodland suggests taking a look at these tracks for any problems, which might include loose screws or slight damage such as minor dents or crimps. Simply tighten any loose screws found on the brackets and fix any dents you see with a hammer and a scrap of wood.

Be careful with lubrication

The homeowner must be careful when it comes to lubricating a garage door. While some of the parts require lubrication, it is generally ill-advised to lubricate parts of a squeaking garage door. Instead, consider using a lithium or silicone spray to lubricate specific parts such as the lock, chain rail, hinges and arm bar. Avoid spraying lubricant on the track, the spring and the bottom portion of the chain rail.

Summer garage door repair tip

Try to do your entiregarage door repairschedule during the summer period. We are basing on specific climatic variations but really you should consider the driest period. It means that you get the paint settling quicker and you are not bothered by storms. Selecting the right period will give you that all-important convenience. It also means that the clean-up is easier.

Always inspect your cables

It is suggested that you always inspect the cables that connect the spring system to the bottom brackets located on both sides of the door. This is important because these cables can wear out and eventually break, which can lead to injury. If you notice that your cables are worn out, do not hesitate to contact our team at Woodland.

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