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Things to remember when replacing a garage door

10/29/2013 Back To Blog

Replacement of garage doors is always done by garage door contractors who have the skills in this job. Garage door replacement is a practice that requires the best skills in order to have the best results of the process. Replacement is mostly done after garage door repair has failed, and the garage service provider has recommended replacement. The garage doors in most cases become stuck and the only way to open them is by breaking them down, by this it means if the garage is to be closed again then it needs to have a new garage door which should be acquired at the best garage door company. When replacing a garage door the following should be remembered:

Taking measurements of the garage door size before purchasing the door

This is the first step one takes after removing the old gate to be replaced, measurements are important as they make sure that the door to be purchased is of the exact measurements as intended. The garage door tracks of the previous door should be removed before measuring so that it does not interfere with the exact measurements required. Anything related to the previous garage door should not be present during the measurement process to avoid wrong results. For electric garages the door operating system should be disabled to avoid power problems.

Setting up tracks and frames

After measurement and acquiring the correct door, the next step should be setting up the frames. The frames are very useful as they hold the tracks of the garage door. The frames can be bought from the companies selling garage door repair parts. The tracks are fixed to the frames of the garage door, the tracks is where the door rolls over.  The tracks should be well installed to avoid the garage door from getting stuck, which avoids future complications of the garage door.

Attachment of hinges

The hinges should be placed accordingly as the measurement suggests, the hinges are crucial as they hold the rollers. Correct placement of the hinges avoids future problems with the garage door. After attaching the garage door hinges one should fix the roller to the hinges.

Installing the garage door

Most garage doors are bought in segments, the segments are called panels. This panels need to be fixed to each other; the fixing is done as they are being attached to the rollers and then tightened to each other. This is the final stage of garage door replacement.

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